Makes your rehabilitation closer to you Easy and fun WILMO is for your rehabilitation.

Body weight 55g

Simple and quick operation using specially designed electrode, and with only 3 control buttons.
Slim enough to tuck under your sleeve. Wear it for long perilds of time without frustration.
You can wear daily just like your wristwatch.


One small device can detect myoelectric signal and output electrical stimulation in proportion to the stregth of the signal, simultaneously.

Since eletricalstimulation is applied while detecting myoelectric signals, you can expect more accurate muscle training.


Product name Electrical Stimulator WILMO
Regulations PMDA (Japan) and TFDA(Taiwan)
Certification number (JAPAN) 230AFBZX00063000
Class category Class IIa
Purpose of use This product is used to stimulate nerves and muscles to provide transcutaneous pain relief and improve muscle atrophy.
Size 49 x 98 x 14.5mm (except the wristband)
Weight 55g
Frequency 20Hz±10%
Treatment time Max 8hours
Compatible standards IEC 60601-1: 2005+AMD1: 2012
IEC 60601-1-2: 2014
IEC 60601-2-10: 2012+AMD1: 2016
Driving time Max 8hours
Charging time Max 3hours

* Specifications subject to change.
 WILMO is a registered trademark of SK-Electronics CO., LTD., Kyoto Japan.

WILMO was developed under the instruction of Dr. Yoshihiro Muraoka, former Lab Direction at the National Hospital Organization Murayama Medical Center and professer in the Department of Health Sciences and Social Welfare at the School of Human Sciences, Waseda University Pat. No. 5725562: Electrostimulation device (Compact electrostimulation circuit that can detect EMG signals)
Technology transferred from Human Science Technology Transfer Center, a TLO certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Wealfare.