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Basic Policy Concerning Disclosure

(1)Basic Stance

SK-Electronics Co., Ltd. (the Company) ensures that information will be provided in a fair, timely, and appropriate manner to its shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, with the following in mind:

1.Fair and prompt disclosure

In compliance with laws including the Commercial Code and the Securities and Exchange Law, the Company discloses those types of information stipulated by securities exchange's regulations concerning timely disclosure, etc. of corporate information (hereinafter the "Regulations"), as well as other important information, in a prompt and fair manner.

2.Accurate disclosure

The Company takes every opportunity to disclose information that it believes will help people understand the Company better, as well as that information required by the Regulations. The Company will disclose all such information in the most lucid manner possible so as to ensure accurate communications.

3.Honest communication

To ensure that proper disclosure is maintained, the Company will feed any comments and opinions sent to its PR and IR directly to management.

(2)Means of Disclosure

Informational meetings, website, printed matters, press releases, etc.

(3)Silent Period

The Company does not make any comments on its performance during the "silent period" between the day following the end of each accounting period (quarterly) and the day when earnings are announced. Notwithstanding the above, the Company will make announcements during the silent period in accordance with the Regulations when it believes that its business performance will materially deviate from its forecasts and/or information comes to light the disclosure of which is required by the securities exchange's regulations. if any information stipulated by Regulations should come to light, such as when it believes that its business performance will materially deviate from its forecasts,

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