SK-Electronics CO.,LTD.




Closer to you, with bigger smiles

We will continue to expand on the electronics technologies which we have developed so far,
and for all people who need support,
we look to realize a world of healthy and smiling people through manufacturing skill and effort.

While flexibly adopting technologies in Japan and overseas with advanced welfare systems,
we will offer health care and medical devices that create harmony with people, society and nature.

We will continue to create “products” which are closer to people and make people smile.

SEM Glove 自立支援用
Supports for “grip” in daily life.
Unique equipment to facilitate self support, which has been developed in Sweden by standing in the position of users based on advanced ergonomics and robotics.(Japanese only)
ZellaMed 聴診器/打診器
Brand loved by children. German craftsmen make each one at a time to deliver superior quality.
Unique stethoscopes and percussion hammers offer excellent functions and designs, which you will grow attached to you for a long time to come.(Japanese only)
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