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Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) providing colorful images are constantly evolving to meet future market requirements for larger sizes and more beautiful images. In view of the advent of the advanced information society, we drastically shifted our orientation from the precision photo, electronic, and chemical/optic fields, where we had been a major player for long period, to the photomask field, where we quickly achieved the capacity to manufacture large-sized photomasks that are used as original plates for LCDs. Since then, our pursuit of technological development, while anticipating market needs, has allowed us to gain a large share of the global market.

In our photomask research and development we strive to meet the requirements of next-generation displays such as low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistor (TFT) LCDs and organic electro luminescence (EL) displays, as well as semiconductor packages that support the performance of mobile devices. Through the provision of its photomasks, SK-Electronics is determined to support the ever-advancing information technology society.

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