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On the basis of our corporate principle “Creation and Harmony,”
we have developed cutting-edge technology and
promoted globalization in tandem with the growth of
the flat panel display (FPD) industry.

SK-Electronics Co., Ltd. is a photomask manufacturer established in 2001 spun off from the Electronics Division of SHASHIN KAGAKU CO., LTD.
In order to respond to the rapid evolution of FPDs, we continue to move forward with larger and higher denition photomasks in advance of our competitors, operating a plant which produces ultra-large-format 10th and 11th generation photomasks.

In addition, as for new business development, our group-wide effort continues to focus on printed electronics, RFIDs and healthcare applications.
We will continue to fully exert the technology and know-how we have cultivated over the years based on our pioneering spirit and commitment to improvements through perseverance. As we maintain our position as a front runner in the photomask industry, we will accelerate the deployment of new businesses in order to continuously contribute to the creation of a prosperous future for people and society.

President & CEO
Masanori Ishida
Masanori Ishida

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