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Creation & Harmony

The corporate principle of SK-Electronics is “Creation and Harmony.”

Creation means “striving to encourage the development of an even better world by producing valuable new creations that meet the needs of society.” Creation is the foundation that enables SK-Electronics to be a technology and development company with true social value.

“Harmony” reminds us that “by consistently emphasizing harmony with the needs of today’s society and the natural environment, we assure that we will always fulfill our social responsibilities.”

SK-Electronics is devoted to operating a harmonious business that strikes a balance that values “society” encompassing local communities and industry, “nature” including the environment and natural resources and “people,” the employees who are the source of our firm’s capabilities.

A company that can contribute to the realization of a society that is materially and spiritually affluent, through the creation of excellent products and services demanded by society, while valuing harmony among society, nature and people – this is the type of company we seek to be.

Creation & Harmony

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