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1868 (Early Meiji Era)Started business as Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, forerunner of SHASHIN KAGAKU Co., Ltd.
March 1988Built a first plant for our large photomask business at Kumiyama site (current Kyoto Plant). Introduction of world’s first large-format electron-beam (EB) mask writer.
September 1995Plant and facilities renewed; manufacture of industry’s first 800mm large photomasks started.
April 1999 Electronic Division (currently for our large photomask business) acquired "ISO9002 (now ISO9001)" certification.
October 2001Electronics Business Division spun off from SHASHIN KAGAKU CO., LTD., by corporate split and SK-Electronics Co., Ltd. established as an independent company.
May 2002Consolidated subsidiary Finex Co., Ltd., established in Taiwan as large photomask manufacturing and sales company.
September 2002Kumiyama site (current Kyoto Plant) acquired "ISO14001" certification.
September 2003Listed on First Section of Japan Securities Dealers Association (current OSE-JASDAQ).
July 2004Finex Co., Ltd. acquired "ISO9001" certification.
December 2004Changed from First Section of Japan Securities Dealers Association, to First Section of Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ (current Tokyo Securities Exchange JASDAQ (Standard).
January 2005Completion of world’s first 8th generation photomask factory at the Kumiyama site (current Kyoto Plant).
November 2005Consolidated subsidiary "SKE KOREA CO., LTD.," established in Korea as large photomask sales company.
November 2008Completion of Shiga Plant, world’s first 10th generation and 11th generation photomask factory.
December 2008Finex Co., Ltd. acquired "ISO14001" certification.
March 2009Started world’s first sales and shipment of 10th generation photomasks.
September 2010Consolidated Subsidiary SK-Electronics Shanghai Co., Ltd. (current Consolidated Subsidiary) established in China as sales company.
September 2011Shiga Plant acquired extended "ISO14001" certification.
November 2012Kyoto Plant acquired "OHSAS18001" certification.
December 2013Taipei Branch opened in Taiwan as sales base of Finex Co., Ltd.
July 2014Sales of glass dry etching plates for various types of offset printing launched.
October 2014Obtained "Second Class Medical Devices Marketing License" from Kyoto Prefecture.
July 2015Sales of “SEM Glove for self support” launched.
July 2015Acquired Kiyohara Optics Inc.
June 2016Obtained a License as Distributor and Leaser of Advanced Control Medical Equipment (QMC, Medical Institute).
June 2017“Electric Stimulator WILMO” launched.
June 2018“Picking Tag” launched.
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