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Basic Policy Concerning Handling of Specific Personal Information

We shall comply, in order to tackle as an organization for ensuring the proper handling of such specific personal information, it sets this basic policy.

1. Name of business operator

SK-Electronics Co., Ltd.

2. Compliance with related laws and regulations and guidelines

We shall comply with the related laws and regulations and other codes established by the government concerning handling of specific personal information, and appropriately handle the specific personal information.

3. Items concerning safety control measures

We have established separate “Rules on Handling of Specific Personal Information” concerning safety control measures for particular personal information and we take adequate measures to handle it appropriately.

4. Contact for questions and complaints

We shall set up a contact in our management headquarters for complaints and consultations on particular personal information, take proper and prompt actions and make efforts to solve problems.

SK-Electronics Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Masanori Ishida

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